Examples Of Mission Values And Values Of University Hospital

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Mission statements and values
The purpose of this paper is to talk about University hospitals mission statement, vision values and goals. How I help strengthen my unit's goals by being on a commtty for providing better patient handoff. How my nursing department is decentrialized and how most decisions are based more by my nurse manager than upper management on how to reduce budget cost like cutting newspapers on the floor. the two pros and to cons of the organizations team nursing model. Ways that nursing could strengthen the mission would be is to heal and to teach the sick about their illness.

Organization Mission, Vision, Values and Goals
As a hospital we have a mission statement our mission statement is to heal, to teach and to discover (university hospital (Nd). The statement to heal is to treat everyone that comes into the hospital to the best
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The pros of that would be we have an assistant manager that works the floor one day a week and a charge nurse on every shift. The charge nurse helps keep things from getting out of control, for example, the nurse charge helps out with keeping an eye on the floor nurses and making sure that they are doing their job properly. The charge nurse also helps the floor nurses with IVs, admissions, and deals with the unhappy patients and their families. they are also a great sounding board if they have questions. another pro of team nursing is that another pro would be that team nursing care model is that nurses work closely with each other. When nurses work closely together well, it makes nurses happier and there is less nurse turnover rate (Orgambidez-Ramos, & de Almeida, (2017). A con of it would be that sometimes the charge nurse is not a very good one and does not know what they are doing or they don't know how to handle nurses or patients it causes a lot of disruption. another con would be that sometimes nurses don't agree with each other and that could cause tension in the

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