Examples Of Modern Forms Of Tyranny

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Do you agree that modern forms of tyranny owe more to the philosophy of Plato than to the politics of Aristotle?

Prompt 1:

In many cases, modern day philosophers and political scientists study the work of Plato and Aristotle. While both have notable ideas, they are also adapted from each other, and are interpreted differently in our modern day lives. I tend to agree that modern forms of tyranny are more based off of the philosophy of Plato than the politics of Aristotle.

For Plato, tyrants were very interesting, for he observed that the way they ruled went against traditional moral boundaries, but they were also innovators and controlled their population the way many others could not. It is said that Plato researched and understood that early tyrants
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The United States has had a large military presence overseas for many years now, and is working with allies to stop the constant threats and terror that loom. There are varied opinions on this matter; some think that military presence and intervention is justified, while others believe that war is just taking lives unnecessarily, without solving any problems. One of the key topics Hannah Arendt discussed was on violence, which can be used today to better evaluate the war. Hannah Arendt sees the terms power and violence as opposites. She says that power comes from the people, and from people coming together for a common purpose. Violence, then, is an artificial form of authority because it is not legitimate; it is a temporary attempt to govern through fear. Further, when the leader has the interests of the people in mind, there is power because the people have a voice and are bonding together for the common cause. Within the United States, the government has power of the legitimate sort, because the people of the United States elect our government, and believe that we work together and do what is best for our country and its

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