Examples Of Modernisation In The Kite Runner

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“Modernisation” of Afghanistan: Personal and Cultural Identity in The Kite Runner. Annotated Bibliography Algoo-Baksh, S. (2005) ‘Ghost of the Past’, Canadian Literature, 184, pp. 143-144. • A brief analysis outlining several major themes employed in the story, including the contradiction between contrasting social classes, redemption of sins, uncovering of lies, the sufferance in war zone, family, love, betrayal, guilt, fear and redemption. Bragnnigan, J. (2008) ‘The Twentieth Century, 1939-2004’ in Poplawski, P. English Literature in Context. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. • Bragnnigan evaluated the impacts of historical events to contemporary literature. The book explains that social, political, economical and cultural trends are crucial aspects to be considered while analyzing a piece of literature. Although the evaluation and analysis mainly listed Western political events, particularly with a strong focus on British history, the impacts of events during post-war, post-colonial, post-empire and contemporary periods on literature are far-reaching and will be useful in the process examining the literary theories and historical, social and political landscape of The Kite Runner.…show more content…
(2012) ‘Invading Ideologies and the Politics of Terror: Framing Afghanistan in The Kite Runner’ in Ahmed, R., Morey, P. and Yaqin, A. (ed.) Culture, Diaspora, and Modernity in Muslim Writing. New York: Routledge. • Butler’s piece of critical review analyzed how the timing which the book was published, the identity of the author, and the use of his language and tone contribute to the creation of an ideology. She further argued that the ideology and stereotype inserted by the author, indeed, framed and intervened readers’ perspective towards their collective cultural

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