Examples Of Motherhood In Beloved

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In Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, she plays with loss. There are instances where the reader witnesses the loss of a character's identity, and the dehumanizing of people from the affects of slavery, which Toni Morrison constructs through symbols and metaphors. One of these symbols that help reinforce this idea is the repetition of the word milk. As the story goes on, there is a correlation between the word and motherhood. Morrison writes about what it was like to be a mother during slavery and post the American civil war. Through the contrast of these prominent time periods, there is an underlying message of what motherhood was like. Morrison uses her fragmented way of storytelling to share how the gift of being a mother was ripped away from women during slavery.…show more content…
Through Sethe’s telling of what she knew of her mother, the reader learns that while her mother was out in the field working, she had to be taken care of by “another women whose job it was” (Morrison 72). The reader also learns how Baby Sugg’s, another woman who lived prior to the American civil war, had all eight but one of her children taken away from her. Then there is Sethe, living after the civil war with her only child left. These stories help connect the idea of what it meant to be a mother during this gruesome time period. There is an evident theme of lost in Beloved by Toni Morrison, and throughout the story of these characters and the cruelty they endure, the reader witnesses how slavery resulted in the loss of
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