Analysis Of Where Is The Love For Music Shaming

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Where is the love for music?
The judgmental comments came in batches, some were good comments but some rambling contained insulting words that she can’t forget about it. “What kind of music do you like?” is the question that always send Teo into a state of panic when someone ask about her music choice.
Music shaming is an act of criticizing someone music preferences that different from their own, and make them feel like they should be ashamed by what they enjoy. It’s a problem that most of the people don’t even realised, and it happens all the time as everyone does it to some degree.
It might sound exaggerated, but it’s very much a real issue that faced by many students on campus. Teo Siew Ching, 22, student from School of Communication described herself as a pop music
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“It will make them avoid any open discussion about the music that they listen in front of other people,” he said. “They are afraid to be who they are and eventually choosing people who they want to friend with.”
There is a line draw between joking and shaming. If the person cannot take the jokes seriously, it could turn out bad. This will make them feel like you are indirectly attacking them in person because you are insulting their favourite artists. And so we have to be careful when we discuss others music tastes to avoid any misunderstanding.
Music is supposed to bring joy and unite people all around the world - whether that joy comes from pop music, alternative rock music, country music, heavy metal music, indie music or classical symphonies music. It shouldn’t be any concern to anyone besides the person who loves listening to.
School of Communication student, Goh Ai Han, 21, couldn’t care less about others opinion on her music preferences. She used to be embarrassed by admitting that she likes K-pop boy group, but now not anymore because their opinion isn’t going to make her listen to them any
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