Examples Of My Allegory Of The Cave

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My Allegory of the Cave

The widely opened front door, that just as matriarchal arms open security, wellness, and love to your new creation, welcomes me to this concrete shaped structure, surrounded by enormous Araucaria trees with colorful crochet rounding their massive trunk. As I walk in, the green walls rebirth my inherited Amazon flora, creating a fluidity that protects and guide me inside. Running barefoot, I can feel the crocodile leather-like floor, where my feet can intertwine with the social roots sustaining this place. A delightful, sweet taste of opportunities fills my mouth in this relaxing sphere, where I am only able to concentrate on the heavenly sounds of birds surrounding me. Inhaling the present atmosphere, I am inundated with the marvelous smell of newly cooked Brazilian nuts bread, and above my head, flying gradient whales hang in a mystified mobile structure, externalising the simple complexity this sphere
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This wise environment influenced me to see the planet as a fantasy world to be discovered with curiosity and imagination. Sesc taught me to live by the compass of new information, to crisply gather all the knowledge around me and use it as a fuel to my creativity.

As a human artifact, sustained by the main value of integrating such a diverse and divided society, Sesc provided me a pure image of reality. In the allegory of the cave, Plato —an Athens philosophical figure— tells a story about three prisoners chained to a cave since birth that can only see the shadows of the real world. Once one of them frees himself and meets the real existence, he enlightens with knowledge, creating a more realist view of the world. Sesc was that light to my life, it built the hunger to understand the diversity that sustains me
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