Examples Of My Interview With Julia

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My key takes away from my interview with Julia is her love for traveling. She talked about her study abroad trip that she took last semester to Rome, Italy. She told me stories about how she would spend her days in Italy, which consisted of enjoying her favorite Italian dishes like pizza and pasta and sightseeing the historical sites such as the Trevi Fountain and the Coliseum. Since she spent three months in Italy, I asked her if sightseeing ever got repetitive, to which she responded that she was mesmerized during her time in Rome and that it felt surreal that she was even there so she would even come back to the same site just to make sure it was a reality. I also found it interesting that she would walk around Rome alone. She told me that she liked roaming the streets of Rome to seek an adventure, gain new…show more content…
She talked about how her mom inspires her because she holds the house together. She said that her mom seamlessly excels in her career while maintaining the household. Her mom also makes it a point to bond with each of her siblings. She amazed by how her mom makes it looks easy and fun when in reality she knows it takes a lot of work to be that motivated. Julia reflected on the time her sister got married to one of the moments she felt really energized because she loves celebrating family. She told me that even though is barely gotten any sleep the night before and she was still able to get up at 5 am and last until 1 am the next day. She recalled that the event was a special time in her life because she was able to join in on that special moment in her sister and brother-in-laws’ life and she was able to connect will all of her family that she hasn’t seen in years. Julia also discussed her dream of starting a family of her own. She said that she would like to create a family one-day because family is very important to her and she has always wanted to be a
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