Examples Of Mythology In Frankenstein

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Christian Myth

According to the Christian Myth, God created the world and all living things. They saw God as having three forms or aspects God, the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit, who carries out God’s will on earth. They believed that God sent Jesus to tell people about God, and that Jesus died to forgive Humanity’s sins. They believed that Jesus will return at the end of time, when there will be a New Creation of life. The following creation story is found in
Genesis 1 and 2 in the Old Testament Section of the Bible, the Christian holy book.

In the beginning, God created the universe. At first the earth was shapeless and covered in darkness, and God’s spirit hanged over the waters. God said, “Let there be light”. And there
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Shelly, in one of her work wrote that by writing Frankenstein she is nearly echoing her mother’s thought that “Nature, or to speak with strict propriety, God, has made all things right; but man has sought him out many invention to mar the work.”

Victor Frankenstein is portrayed as “a version of the ‘Creator’—of God himself”. Victor who is considerably flawed creator whose irresponsibility and short sightedness produce a creature who can’t help but become evil. In casting her novel with Miltonic theme of the creator’s rejection of the creation, and what damage this rejection cause,
Shelley suggest through her characterization of Victor Frankenstein that it is God arrogance and subsequent lack of interest in His Creation that lays the groundwork for human wickedness. Evil in Frankenstein is prevented in the concept of creation: Victor Frankenstein’s dual role as both God the Creator and Satan the destroyer of God’s creation and his monster fills the multiple roles of fallen Adam and Satan avenging the God who cast him out. Mary Shelley,
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