Examples Of Myths On Conflict

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1.4 Myths about conflict

Myth No 1: Conflict can never lead to anything positive
While confrontation is a risk, it is often a learning experience for those involved.
Myth No 2: Conflicts are the result of clashing personalities
Personalities do not conflict, behaviours do! Different people can work together for years without having conflict - until their behaviour conflicts. Differentiating personality from behaviour makes conflict manageable because if conflict is based on personalities, we can do little else but bear it.
Myth No 3: Conflict and anger go together
Conflict with people does not mean that there is anger involved. There are whole ranges of emotions that surface in conflict situations.

1.5 Defining conflict levels
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This is the easiest kind of conflict to resolve. To resolve this conflict leaders simply ensure that both parties have the same information.
Level 2: Processes or Methods This level occurs when there is a difference of opinion over how things should be done. Because the issue here is “how do we get there?” rather than “where should we go?” compromise is usually a realistic option.
Level 3: Goals or Purpose On this level parties cannot agree on a common goal. Negotiations at this level take patience and skill. Often youth leaders withdraw from this kind of conflict because they are not of the temperament to work through the hard issues and avoid the uncomfortable dialogues that accompany the resolution of conflict at this level.
Level 4: Values The deepest and most serious conflict relates to values – the parties disagree about basic meanings. Any resolution at this level is almost impossible. Defining the level of conflict can lead to the selection of appropriate responses to conflict resolution. But often what leaders think is the level is just a screen for a deeper level of conflict. One situation may include several different levels of
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