Examples Of Narrative In Life Is Beautiful

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How is the theme of Persistence portrayed in film Life is Beautiful? Life is Beautiful, released in 1998 and directed by Roberto Benigni follows the adventures (and misadventures) of Guido Orefice, a Jewish-Italian waiter as his life takes a dramatic turn when war approaches. Benigni employs a diverse set of techniques to convey many ideas, an appealing one being: happiness can be found in the darkest of times. Persistence through darkness: remaining confident through imprisonment and inhumane treatment. Little things can be used to give a message, a simple costume or a symbol could convey a much bigger meaning, thus some things are used in parallel, it multiplies the effect, for example, sad music, close-ups and blue light can move people. …show more content…

The important thing is that nothing happens by accident. Everything is there for a reason. The audience is different, hence they are affected differently by each technique. Guido carrying Giousé backwards hints something is ahead and he is protecting Giousé from it, a clever use of plot. There is a lot of positive language, there is a lot of dialogue, always keeping Giousé's mood up. He is persistent that they will get out towards himself and Giousé. There are some hints conveyed through the screenplay that are subliminally noticed by the audience; when one's conscious mind finds them as well, it develops into a deeper …show more content…

Factors like the colour, position and angle of the lights will all serve a different purpose. When Guido is portrayed hiding Giousé in the locker there is blue light all over the scene. All over, except for where they are. It gives the sense that they are not in danger, but they are close. The light remains steady while Guido talks his way into Giousé's cooperation and even goes as far to ensure Giousé's survival if Guido did not return which is a fantastic display of persistence. After dinner when Guido calls for Giousé, the two beams of light pouring out of the door and window houses Giousé's height as he runs. It is a symbol for how Guido's persistence has kept them away from German influence. Shadows are used everywhere, especially on the Nazis to empower them or make them look evil. They are eliminated on the faces of the protagonists to make them look appealing. There is back-lighting on Dora when she is listening to the opera. It makes her look innocent and appealing. Fires/smoke are used as a symbol of Guido's life. When he dies, every fire is extinguished, but smoke remains. The smoke is now a symbol of what he has left behind. A life for Giousé and Dora. It could be a mere coincidence that there was time between his death and the fires' death but, it is more likely to be a subliminal message. Lighting is used in distinctive ways to show

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