Examples Of Naturalism In Sister Carrie

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Analysis of naturalism in Sister Carrie
Naturalism emerged in the mid of the 19th century in America as an outgrowth of realism. It was inspired by Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Naturalism stresses the idea that any individual has a predetermined destiny influenced by social factors and that one's character is formed on the basis of heredity. One's life is governed by environment and heredity which can't be controlled by anyone. Sister Carrie is a novel describing the harsh realities of the American people in an era of urban consumerism which defined that period. Dreiser chose to name his novel "Sister Carrie" because he was inspired by the events which occurred in his own sister's life.
The main character of this novel, Carrie
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She tries to find another job but she doesn't succeed. She eventually encounters Drouet one day and he offers to help her. He gives her some money and little by little they become lovers. While she is with Drouet, her life starts to improve but he doesn’t agree to marry her, so she is disappointed by him. Then she meets Hurstwood, an acquaintance of Drouet. He is very attracted by Carrie so he starts a secret affair with her without telling her that he is in fact married. Carrie is invited to play a role in the theatre with the help of Drouet and there she develops her passion for acting. Actually, it is only through her relationship with men that she succeeds in life. While she performs her role on scene, Hurstwood and Drouet are very impressed by her acting. At that point in her life, her dreams finally came true. Just living in Chicago was her ticket to success. Although she was driven by her instincts and her desires, she was the winner of a higher social status. Both Hurstwood and Drouet were rich men, but she loved Hurstwood in a more sincere way. One day after the theatrical representation, the truth is revealed. Drouet finds out about Carrie’s affair and she rejects Hurstwood after receiving the news that he’s married. But Hurstwood doesn’t give up on her and he invents a false story to convince Carrie to come with him in Canada. Eventually, they become a couple again and they move to New York.
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