Examples Of Nature Vs Nurture Debate

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Nature vs. Nurture Debate Research Notes 1. The Boy Who was Raised a Girl - Pg. 96 David Reimer was circumcised at 8 months old and the surgery went horribly wrong. His penis was destroyed. From then on his parents decided to raise him as a girl. Nature: Even though David’s parents gave him sex pills, treated him like he was a girl, dressed him like one etc. He couldn’t believe them and he naturally felt like a boy, not a girl. They couldn’t train him how to pee sitting down. When his parents approached him about genital surgery he refused it. ~ His taste in toys was all boy style. His manner of play was like a boy. The way he walked differed from girls. His appearance was not like a girl. 2. Your Child’s Personality - Pg. 99 This article is about how important a mother acts towards her infant for example if she is happy and reacts to the same level of excitement as the baby, the baby will be happy and outgoing, if the mom doesn’t react or doesn’t show any emotion, the baby will be shy and awkward. This is important since it shapes the baby’s personality. Nurture: If the mother shows the baby the same level of excitement the baby will grow up happy. If the mother shows no interest or no emotion, the baby will grow up shy and awkward. Little shakes, and gestures can promote positive sense of self in her child and a confidence. 3. Major Personality Study Finds - Pg. 100 This article shows how twins act even though being separated from birth.

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