Examples Of Negotiation In Negotiation

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INTRODUCTION Negotiation is something that everyone is familiar with and we all do every day. Negotiation is an art or a way in which two or more than two parties reach a mutually benefitted agreement; thereby there is win-win situation for both the parties involved. This skill is very important for everyone, even if you own a small business; this is a necessary skill as many business deals require negotiation. The golden rule for successful negotiation is to be fair and square with everyone. An aggressive behavior will not give you a fair deal and you may end up losing your customer/partner. Being a good negotiator helps you to reach agreements, achieve objectives, get along better with people, and ultimately be more productive and successful.…show more content…
Individuals decide what they want, then each side takes up an extreme position, such as asking the other side for much more than they expect to get. A typical example of negotiation over the price of a car: “What do you want for it?” “I couldn’t let it go for under £2,000.” “I’ll give you £1,000.” “You must be joking.” “Well, £1,100 and that’s my limit.” “£1,900” … “£1,300” … “£1,700” ... “£1,500” … “Done!” While this form of bargaining may be acceptable in the used car market, and even expected in some cultures, for most situations it has drawbacks. These drawbacks can have serious consequences if applied to social situations. THE WIN-WIN APPROACH TO NEGOTIATION Many professional negotiators prefer to aim towards what is known as a Win-Win solution. This involves looking for resolutions that allow both sides to gain. In other words, negotiators aim to work together towards finding a solution to their differences that result in both sides being satisfied. Key points when aiming for a Win-Win outcome include:  Focus on maintaining the relationship  Focus on interests not positions.  Generate a variety of options.  Aim for result to be based on a objective
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