Examples Of Negotiation In The Iron Lady

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INTRODUCTION Negotiation is one of the processes that are common for everyone in which people could use to settle any differences or dissatisfaction. Compromise or agreement is hoped to be achieved while argument and conflict are avoided because it is a process of people joining hand in hand together to arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution of a give-and-take bargaining process. In fact, in any disagreement, the individuals involved would surely aim to achieve the best possible outcome whether for themselves or the organizations they are representing. Thus, it is important to have the knowledge of how to conduct a negotiation process by using the right skills, having the beforehand preparation as well as using the correct way of communicating. Throughout the movie ‘The Iron Lady’ directed by Phyllida Lloyd, there are quite a number of scenes where the process of negotiation happens. The main character, which is Margaret Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep shows how negotiation method is used in order to settle the nation’s issues or to reach an agreement regarding certain matter. Apart from Lady Thatcher, the other characters in this film also show a great image of how to negotiate while presenting their proposals to be accepted. Margaret Thatcher is portrayed as a firm and stubborn Prime Minister in which…show more content…
A successful negotiator uses BATNA as the driving force and the key focus to make sure that a negotiation can reach an agreement and increases the negotiating power (Spangler, 2012). In any of the negotiation, it is common that every party wants to have a win-win situation or at least can satisfy its own need. However, there are cases where settlement could not be reached, thus other alternatives are needed to be planned ahead of time to secure a successful
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