Examples Of Non-Therapeutic Communication

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Non-Therapeutic Communication

Quote: “You need to fix yourself up. You remind me of my dogs when they come in out of the rain.” (page 189, Baier)

Background: Sue is in a wheelchair having a hard day and aware of her current greasy and unkept appearance. Dr. Birmingham approaches her and studies her unhygienic condition and verbally degrades her.

Technique: Patronizing

Rationale: Dr. Birmingham’s comment to the patient is inappropriate and talking down to the patient stating she looks like a wet dog. If the patient was able to communicate she would have addressed his unprofessional comment and stated she still depends on the health care staff to tend to her personal hygiene needs.

Social Communication

Quote: “It’s cold out tonight.It gets cold in here when the temperature goes down…There those will keep your feet warm… There have a good night’s sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.” (p. 116-117, Baier)

Background: Off duty Charles stopped at the hospital to make sure Sue was being tended to. Charles used his own personal time to come to the hospital to put socks and a blanket on Sue to make sure she would not get cold during the night.

Effect: Positive

Rationale: Sue was baffled that Charles would leave a personal event to tend to her needs. This over the top care by Charles makes Sue feel personally connect to Charles. Sue stated, “My heart filled with smiles. What a kind man.” (p.117) Social Communication

Quote: “I’m really concerned. I’ve never
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