Examples Of Non Traditional Families In The Bean Trees

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Miles Cruger 11/7/2017 ALA Pd. 7

Non-Traditional Families in
The Bean Trees

Families come in many forms, and family may not be considered “traditional” can still have a deep-seated relationship, much of the time more so than “traditional” families. Barbara Kingsolver’s novel The Bean Trees makes non-traditional families very prevalent, showing their supportive and functional nature. A traditional family is a family that has a mother, father, and children, whereas a non-traditional family varies from that set. Barbara shows the reader that non-traditional families can function and support the members of the family just as well, if not better than traditional families. Alice and Taylor have a tight-knit and close relationship, one that is supportive at its nature. Alice has supported Taylor is so many ways throughout her lifetime. On page 2, we are told that When Taylor was a young child, she would catch small fish, and Alice would act like it was huge, and cook them up for dinner. This is a great example of how they support each other. Without anyone else, Alice is boosting Taylor's self-confidence, and supporting her, arguably better than traditional families, like all mothers should. They function like most families, even though all they have is each other. On page 5, Alice consoles Taylor on techniques for getting the job at the hospital. This

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