Examples Of Normative Relativism

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Normal Relativism
Tyger Thompson
In a very multicultural world, philosophers have tried to come up with ways to solve the inevitable moral conflicts that arise due to cultural differences. These moral conflicts between cultures arise because diverse cultures have different standards for what they believe to be morally correct. One such theory is known as relativism. The theory of relativism states that morality is relative. This theory has certain appeals. There is much diversity in moral belief, and many people believe that tolerance is important. However, this can run into problems when held to the strict version.
There are different versions of relativism, with the version most important to philosophers being normative relativism. Its premises are as follows:
A believes B is morally correct.
Therefore, B is morally correct for A. (Rachels, 2015)
Normative relativists have come up with several reasons to defend their theory, and there have been many objections, some of them being rather damning. One defence is known as the argument from moral disagreement. Normal relativists argue that since there are many disagreements between societies and cultures about what is morally correct, and therefore conclude that there is no objective universal standard for morality, and thus morality is completely relative. Thus, the
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For example, a certain culture believes that murdering infants is acceptable. The normative relativist position would entail accepting this as morally correct for that culture, although common sense would lead us to disagree wholeheartedly. This leads us to question where the boundaries of a culture lie, as there is clearly a basic universal moral standard that should never be acceptable in any culture regardless. Normative relativism disregards this potential universal moral code, which can lead to some absurd results, such as the example of infanticide. (Southern Illinois University ,
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