Examples Of Nursing Ethical Dilemma

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Nurses face ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. As nurses, we must be knowledgeable about the tools we have to help guide our decisions when solving an ethical dilemma. The tools we have are our ethical principles, ethical framework, and the ANA Code of Ethics for nurses. This paper will describe a scenario where nurses were faced with an ethical dilemma regarding a baby. The ethical frameworks and ANA Code of Ethics will be discussed in helping guide a solution to this scenario. Finally, an analysis will be done about this scenario and a decision will be made. As nurses we must use these tools because they will allow us to make better decisions more comfortably.
The first scenario took place in a children’s hospital. The scenario was about a baby, named TJ, who had many birth defects; the baby was blind, deaf, mute, and not be able to walk in the future. The baby was given up by his mother and was left in the hands on the hospital (doctors, nurses, and other health care staff) to care for. The dilemma occurred when nurses began to question on how to care for this baby. Being that the baby had a very poor prognosis, nurses were conflicted if they should do everything to care for this baby, such as do push
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As humans, with experience and knowledge we learn right from wrong. We are faced with situations where we have to decide from right and wrong depending on our own morals and ethical views. Ethics and morality essentially guide our thoughts, choices, and actions. According to Marquis and Huston (2017), ethics is defined as a “system of moral conduct and principles that guide a person’s actions in regards to right and wrong and in regard to oneself and society at large” (p.83). Nurses are often faced with ethical issues on a daily basis. For this reason, ethical frameworks for decision-making have been established to help guide the nurses in solving ethical
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