Examples Of Observation On Observation

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Behavioral Observations Student Information Daisy was observed by the examiner on her PPCD classroom. The students were about to transition to their physical education period. Daisy followed the teacher directions to line-up with no hesitation. Before entering to the P.E. room, she started crying for no reason apparently. After calming down she tried to follow the movements conversely didn’t look engaged. Daisy kept participating however when students were sitting down as part of the routine, she was doing the opposite. During the next observation date, Daisy was jumping and hoping in reaction to the video presentation in class. A student called her and she sat down next to him to have a peer chit chat. The teacher asked her for a paper towel, consequently Daisy gave it to her. As part of the lesson the teacher was asking the students to identify pictures. Daisy made a moo sound to point at the cow. Ms. Fleming kept making questions regarding the story. Daisy seemed not engaged but maintained eye contact when called. Daisy went to the restroom then came back with a strange look, however started laughing. She gladly tried to participate on the discussion but didn’t used any words…show more content…
Fleming presented issues of concern regarding Daisy’s behavior. The matter that worries her the most is the slow learning ability of Daisy, for example she hasn’t been able to name the letters of the alphabet, and this is her second year on PPCD with no academic progress. However, when instructing one on one her progress became better instead that working with the group. Ms. Fleming indicated that Daisy does not get enough sleep and is taking melatonin for more than a year. Daisy social interactions are described as positive; she likes to share, initiate contact, is cooperative and respond to others efficiently. Conversely, she cries easily, turns off for no reason, and express frustration when is not able to communicate. Although she seems to pay attention, she can lose focus
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