Examples Of Paranoia In The Crucible

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Crucible Paranoia

Are people really who they say they are? The population during the Salem Witch Trials was truly paranoid and over exaggerated everything, from poppets to evil spirits and the devil. People drew attention to themselves through their paranoia. In the book, The Crucible by, Arthur Miller, Mary Warren was a perfect example of the theme paranoia and hysteria, she always tried to please everybody, she kept everything to herself, and she fears everything. The Crucible was a book full of hysteria and paranoia and not wanting to disturb anyone or anything. In the book Mary Warren listened to everything people had to say to keep her back clean. She never told anybody that they were wrong because they might convince her of witchcraft, Mary tried her hardest to please everybody. In Act 3 of the book Abigail and the girls try to convince the court that Mary Warren is taken by the devil. The girls all look in the corner and pretend to be afraid of this creature in the corner that they are saying is ‘Mary’, her spirit. She is very nervous and hesitant to directly testify against Abigail, but Proctor insists. Mary does nothing; and Proctor finally calls Abigail a whore and the court flips on her. Mary Warren continues to show us that she did not want to disrupt Abigail and so therefore she is trying to keep peace between them. In the book Mary Warren doesn not only try to please everybody but she also keeps things to protect people and sometimes, not for her own
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