Examples Of Paranoia In The Crucible

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Everyone has some sort of fear or something they are scared of. Fear is a strong emotion that compels people to think and act in response to it. Fear is also unique in the fact that everyone has a different fear, and a different way of dealing with them. Some may say can help you survive, but we don't live in the caves anymore. Fear is a harmful emotion because it can cause paranoia, it can limit your potential, and it can make you prejudice.
Paranoia is a mental condition that can develop from fear. In the play The Crucible the paranoia of being accused of witchcraft has plagued the whole town. Many people get accused and get killed just because of what someones says so there is a lot of paranoia in the town. “We were dancin’ in the woods”(Miller pg.576). That quote shows that the girls accused of witchcraft say that they were dancing because they were paranoid of the consequences of the practice of witchcraft. Paranoia can cause people to lie and do anything to not get caught, and in that quote you can see that the girls said they were just dancing in the woods. But later in the story we find out that it was a lie and they lied to stay alive and not get accused. The paranoia that someone experiences as a kid affects them their whole life. In the article “What Are You So Afraid Of?”the author Akiko Busch talks a little about his fear of snakes that started when he was a kid and he still is scared to this day. “I wonder if my enduring panic half a century
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