Examples Of Past Imperfect Continuous Tense

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The past imperfect continuous tense shows changes in the form of the auxiliary verb according to the person and the number.

Example: I was writing this book when the revolution occurred in Ghana.
You were writing or sleeping at the time.
She or he was sleeping.
They were planning to seize power.

The past perfect momentary tense is indicated by using the past form of have to get the past perfect. It does not change in any circumstance.

Example: I had written. I had done that already.
You had gone.
He or she had written
They had left.

The past perfect continuous tense is shown by introducing had been in all cases. This also does not change in any circumstance.

Example: I had been writing. You had been reading. He or she had been sleeping. They had been meeting.
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The future imperfect continuous tense. In this tense the word ‘be’ is added to the future auxiliary to indicate that the action contemplated is going to be continuing act which is yet to start.

Example: I shall be writing the minutes tomorrow.
You will be going on leave. He or she will be coming home shortly.
They will be meeting in the Board room.

The future perfect momentary tense would appear to be formal.

Example: I
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You will have been writing.
He or she will have been writing. They will have been writing.

In most cases however the future perfect tenses are used in the subjunctive mood in which case the present tense of “shall” or “will” is replaced by the past form i.e. Should or would to express hypothesis or possibility in most cases in the form of regrets indicating in some cases an opportunity which had past and not utilized. Now care must be taken to use each of the tenses correctly because a mix up will necessarily result in vagueness, ambiguity and mis-information.

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