Examples Of Patriotism Or Love For Motherland

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Patriotism Or, Love for Motherland
Introduction: patriotism is one of the most sterling qualities of human life. Patriotism rouses in him a feeling of pride and glory.
“Home, home, sweet home; there is no place like home.”
Utility of patriotism: the utility of patriotism is too much to be described. Islam says “Patriotism is a part of religion”. Motherland actually stands next to one’s mother. A country cannot achieve her desired development without the patriotic zeal and sincere participation of her people. Patriotism inspires a man to shed even the last drop of his blood to defend the freedom and honor of his country. A people can neither defend their freedom nor resist foreign aggression or free their country from foreign domination without being inspired by the patriotic feelings. They must remain ever watchful and
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To the end like the glittering stars studded in the sky.

Fate of an unpatriotic: most hatred is the fate of an unpatriotic. A man without patriotism cannot be called a man in the truest sense of the term. He is worse than a beast. He is said to be a man with a dead soul. Sir Walter Scott says,
“Breathes there the man with soul so dead,
Who has never to himself hath said this is my own, my native land.”
He is looked down upon by one and all in the society. He lives a miserable life and dies and ignoble death. He dies unwept, un-honored and unsung. Let me quote the poet,
“Living shall forfeit fair renown,
And doubly dying shall go down.”
The world history of the unpatriotic persons bears out the fact well. Sirajuddowla, the last independent nabob of bangle, had to meet with a tragic defeat and death in the battle of Plessey due to the conspiracy of the traitors like Mirjafar, Umichand and others. But history did not escape them. They were outright thrown into the dustbins of history. We cannot but hate
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