Examples Of Perception In Lord Of The Flies

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Appearances Affect on Reality Society has its own set of values that is different from what is good and true. In the Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, a group of boys crash on an island and create a society which is set on an abominable set of values. The civilization is centered around fear towards each other and of their environment. This commonwealth is not set for success because it is built on such terror and the deception that comes from it. The boys are therefore petrified to show their true selves so they try to build false personas that contribute to how they are viewed in society. By giving Piggy, Jack, and Simon roles in society that do not reflect who they really are Golding shows that perception is more important than the truth in society. Piggy is seen as weak and an erudite which leads to him being ostracized from the island society. A group of boys crash from a plane on an island as their parents try to send them away to…show more content…
Piggy is shown as physically weak which leads to him being ostracized from society although he is the most intelligent boy on the island and has many great ideas to offer. Jack is viewed as intimidating and strong which contributes to him being a leader in society even though he is just a scared little boy who wants the other boys to like him. Simon appears aloof and skinny which which leads him to possess a non-dominant role in society nonetheless he is a kind person who helps others who no one else will help such as the littluns. People in present society do the same thing as these characters when they succumb to others’ false sense of power. This happens when humans judge others by first appearances. People must change this if they want to achieve true success and justice instead of just the false assurance that they receive from
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