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Introduction- The critical review of this performance analysis paper titled, Game location and team quality effects on performance profiles in professional soccer, authors Joaquin Lago-ballesteros and Carlos Lago-Penas. Researchers and team sports professionals all over the world are using performance analysis both to improve their understanding of their sport and the development of their teams (Taylor et al., 2008). The aim of this investigation therefore was to examine the influence of game location and team quality on tactical and technical performances (primary measure of performance). The first objective was to extend the existing home advantage literature in soccer that has examined a limited number of performance indicators (e.g., Nevill…show more content…
Since Schwartz and Barsky's study (1977), home advantage is well established at both amateur and professional level in many sports (Gomez et al., 2008; Varca, 1980) not just in soccer but in all sports, according to (R Pollard and G Pollared et al, 2007) home advantage can be seen in Baseball, Basketball, American football, hockey and soccer. Specifically for soccer, home advantage has been shown to exist since the start of the Football League in England in 1888 1889 and has been shown to continue across all the leagues of the professional sport since the early years (Nevill and Holder, 1999; Pollard and Pollard, 2005, Sanchez et al., 2009). In an attempt to improve the understanding of the occurrence, Courneya and Carron (1992) proposed an outline to investigate the effects of the match location or competition and any subsequent home advantage. The framework comprised five interrelated components suggested to influence home advantage, including the match venue, game location factors, the critical psychological and behavioural states of the competitors, coaches, and officials, and the subsequent performance

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