Examples Of Personas In Hamlet

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Ben Dziobek
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Hamlet Essay In Hamlet, the title character Hamlet displays many different personas throughout the play. These personas are used to avoid confrontation or more often the opposite, but to avoid the consequences of saying the things he does. One of the most important and recognizable personas is Hamlet’s antic disposition or his fake insanity. Hamlet’s false insanity is used to throw off suspecting characters of his true intentions. Another persona that Hamlet portrays in the play is cruelty. Hamlet usually acts cruel toward Ophelia and Gertrude who in his opinion indirectly harm him. Then the final exterior that Hamlet represents is his true self. Hamlets’ reveal of his true feelings are especially important because they describe his true intentions for his false state of madness and his actual mental state of health. Hamlet portrays insanity, cruelty, and true self as his personas in Hamlet to persuade and further his intentions with unintended consequences in his quest to revenge his father’s murder. Hamlet’s antic disposition has been around since the beginning of the play when he informs Horatio and the others who witnessed the ghost of the king that he will act mad to try to figure out if the ghost is telling the truth and to also figure out a plan to end Claudius’s
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Hamlet’s antic disposition made other characters oblivious to Hamlet’s true intentions. The cruelty that came out of Hamlet sprouted from a melancholy from separation of him and his loved ones because of his madness. Hamlet’s also reveals his true self to others so they can aid them in his journey and to himself to contemplate what his life really means. Hamlet tried to use his personas to rectify his father’s death but because of his constant inability to act he unintendedly causes that deaths of others who are
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