Examples Of Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

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Since the mid 1850’s cosmetic producers have tested their products on animals, even though they are living things with feelings and a soul. Some people say it’s fine to test on animals and, others say that it’s not ok. The problem is that they don’t need to be tested on anymore. Researchers proved that there are other ways to see gif the products are harmful to us. One reason animal testing should be stopped is because, some chemicals that are harmful to most animals are good for humans. For example, Aspirin is harmful to some animals, but, it helps us when we are in pain. FK-506 was almost shelved because, when it was tested on animals it was too toxic. Another reason animal testing should be stopped is because test results …show more content…
Their reasoning is that animals don’t have rights so it’s ok to test on them, they also believe it helps save some of the animals too. Supporting evidence states that without testing on animals, most would be dead. However this is an invalid statement because over 100 million animals die each year due to labs that have experimented on the animals. The primary reason animal testing should be stopped is because animals killed or kept in captivity. Animal testing is also very expensive. Animal testing costs 16 billion dollars a year. By testing in vitro people would be saving thousands of dollars. The source also states that animal testing takes longer than in vitro.
The essence of the animal testing debate is that it should be stopped, and changed to a different resource for testing products. There are tons of good reasons on why it should be stopped. For instance, animal testing is very expensive and sometime takes a year to get the result. It’s also incorrect 94% of the time and because of that, could put people in danger. Which is what people try to avoid. Ultimately, it is important for animals to be illegal or at least not done

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