Examples Of Perverseness In The Black Cat

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His head was spinning with thoughts, his eyes were scanning the area for an ideal place, and his hands were trembling with fear of being discovered. In the corner of his eye, a location where no one would find it, is where the corpse shall be hidden. A story called “The Black Cat,” shows how perverseness can change a person and lead them to make miserable decisions causing them to regret it later on. Edgar Allan Poe, the author, shows an example of how perverseness progresses through a human by changing both the person’s personality and the moods of people around him is argued in the story. By looking at symbolism, irony, and similes in this story, one can see that all people have the “spirit of perverseness,” so one must be careful of the…show more content…
Being tenderhearted was always the narrator’s best quality, but even his best quality could make his day become worse. Having a big heart filled with kindness and love ever since he was an infant traveled throughout his childhood causing his friends to make fun of who he is. “From the time I was an infant, I was known for my obedient and kind disposition. I was so tenderhearted that my friends made fun of me.(Poe 4) Day by day I grew more moody and irritable. I cared less and less about other people’s feelings.(Poe 12) This was really ironic because he said that he was tenderhearted and kind, but look at him now, he mistreats and slaughters his pets and wife. This also shows that perverseness can control him because if it didn’t then why did the narrator kill his cat and wife without any regrets after that. If perverseness didn’t control him, then he’ll still be tenderhearted and situations wouldn’t progress this horrible. Another situation that shows irony is when all his anger builds up and is about to attack at the cat, similar to Pluto, to end its life. Right at the point where the cat trips him, the rage inside of him increases so much that he grabs a nearby axe and is about cause a blow at it. Little did he know, his wife came and stops the blow causing her life to end instead of the cat. As Poe said, “ The cat followed me down the steep…show more content…
As symbolism, metaphors, and irony explain each of their effects to help advance the fact the everyone has perverseness and must be careful if it, it uses the story, “The Black Cat,” to show an example of how serious perverseness can really be, affecting you every way. It doesn’t matter who you are right now or how nice you are, don’t think that you're never gonna changed because one wrong decision, it could change you to someone you don’t even know.Whether you like how you think or deal with situations, perverseness is a part of you, it's just whether you want to keep ignoring it or be controlled by
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