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Greek mythology teaches life lessons so that we learn not to make the same mistakes as people in the past have done. Most of the time it would be about a male going on an adventure facing life threatening challenges, but that doesn’t mean women can’t face challenges as well. For example, Penelope’s story is about while her husband, Odysseus, is away on an adventure the suitors try to woo Penelope but all the while she stays loyal to Odysseus. Artists J.W Waterhouse and Dorothy Parker used their artistics through this myth to demonstrate this womanly will power. Penelope and The Suitors by J.W waterhouse and “Penelope” by Dorothy Parker both use the myth of Penelope to show that loyalty is is more powerful than temptation. In “Penelope,” Dorothy parker uses imagery and diction to demonstrate Penelope’s loyalty to Odysseus. In the beginning of the poem the speaker states that “In the pathway of the sun, In the footsteps of the breeze, Where world and sky are one,”(lines 1-4). The phrases “pathway of the sun,” and silver seas” are supposed to create the image of this grand exciting adventure. The same phrases also demonstrate as dictions making it sound like Odysseus is on this amazing almost…show more content…
Behind her are the suitors outside her window trying to grab her attention with gifts. Penelope has a thin string of thread in her mouth with her face and body completely facing away from the suitors, focused on threading; Waterhouse uses her body language to show that penelope is completely focused on weaving. In the near back we see one of the suitors is playing a harp, Waterhouse drew this suitor in order to show that Penelope is completely aware of the suitors. This contributes to the theme that Penelope is purposely weaving as a distraction from the suitors in order to stay loyal to

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