Examples Of Plato In The Crito

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those artifacts” (Republic, pg. 262). Often time’s people may have ideas of what is the truth but are limited by what they know or the ideas they have. Plato is a realist because he asks questions instead of just accepting things the way that they are but he bases those questions on what is reality.
In the Crito, some of the themes Plato focuses on are the idea of reason as well as obeying laws that are in place. In the Crito, Socrates is arrested and sentenced to death for corrupting the youth by not believing in the gods. Crito tries to convince Socrates to escape from jail but he refuses because he doesn’t want to break the law. Socrates tells Crito, “…if you depart after shamefully returning wrong for wrong and mistreatment for mistreatment, after breaking your agreements and commitments with us, after mistreating those you should mistreat least—yourself, your friends, your country and us…” (Crito, pg. 165). Socrates is basically saying that he was wronged by men not by the laws that are in place. He also says that by
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In the Republic he shows how it is important to look at what justice and injustice means practically not just how to fix them ideally. Plato also realizes the importance of the leaders and citizens within a country to realize their own flaws in order to fix the problems within the state. In the Crito, Plato shows the importance of reason and following laws even though Socrates may have been sentenced to death for doing no wrong. In the Euthyphro, Plato shows how moral realism plays a role in what is good. He shows how what is moral and good goes beyond just what the gods or some supernatural being says and that it was established universally beforehand. Finally, in the Apology, Plato writes Socrates speech during the trial. In this speech, he writes how it is important to constantly question things and to always seek knowledge throughout a person’s
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