Examples Of Poltergeism In To Kill A Blackbird

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The first event was seen by the farms owner John Bell, who was checking his crops one day and spotted what looked like a dog, aimed his gun, fired and saw the body drop to the ground. After approaching where the dog had been, there was no sight of the dog or any sign it had been in the area. The next day followed with a similar sighting but this time a large blackbird that he felled. This followed by his young daughter, Betsey Bell, having a conversation with a young girl sitting on the same branch the large blackbird had been seen.
I conclude the first event sounds to be more of a residual haunting and maybe an intelligent haunting with the young daughter being able to communicate with the apparition.
The second event that followed does sound
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Windows being rattled and doors being knocked on inside and out, and these became more frequent. Its the physical attacks that make me believe of the Bell witch being more of a poltergeist, with the majority of the attacks aimed at young Betsy. Though the family experienced attacks, its interesting why they were aimed more at Betsy, though poltergeist can manifest more towards the young, its the inclusion into the story of the 2 admires of Betsy. One being Joshua Gardener, her own age and
Richard Powell, a local school master, who i believe to be a lot older then Betsy.
This starts to make me feel there’s more to this, maybe one of the lovers was jealous. Also with
Betsy going to a friends due to being physically exhausted, the Bell witch, the poltergeist was named, now followed her and kept tormenting with physical attacks still. Or was it one of the lovers?
The 3rd event to follow starts sounding if the poltergeist is turning demonic, actually wanting to hurt
John Bell, with more physical attacks happening towards him. Is shoes was ripped off his feet and threw across the room. It is said that John was ill with a tick on his face, tongue swollen
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