Examples Of Poor Unfortunate Soul In Macbeth

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Poor Unfortunate Soul Oh Macbeth, what a fool you are. Or should I say, were? Ha! None of us even dreamed he would fall for our plan; he was just so smart after all. How could we, three innocent little witches, have known that telling his future would cut his head—I mean, life—short? We witches get so easily bored, only following Hecate’s orders, hiding our predictions all the time. Those silly mortals, always thinking they can change their future. We honestly should have known better than to give his future away, but we hadn’t had fun in millennia! It was such an opportunity; there was no way we would see a story like his any time soon. So in the midst of battle, we appeared in front of the brave Macbeth, and his noble friend Banquo, and
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