Examples Of Preaching In The New Testament Period

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Preaching in New Testament Period:
The New Testament has contains rich sources for the preaching ministry of the church. The root of the preaching tradition has followed from the Old Testament itself. So, the Old Testament preaching method continued in New Testament.
I like to divide this section into two categories, such as the preaching ministry of Jesus Christ and the preaching ministry of Apostles. Preaching Ministry of Jesus Christ:
“The preaching of Jesus fit into a well-established tradition. The same was true of the preaching of the apostles.”
According to Hughes, Jesus had a model to his preaching ministry. This model was from the prophetic tradition of the Old Testament period. Jesus practiced preaching ministry in the
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It was central in Jesus’ proclamation. Jesus announced the good news of salvation in his presence and his actions as well as in his words.
The phrase, kingdom of God summarizes the declarations of God’s humanitarian kingship and his sovereign, dynamic rule, which are rooted in the Old Testament. God’s kingly rule is a deep-seated for hope of the people of God. Many of the parables of Jesus explain and expound the teaching of Jesus on the kingdom of God. Jesus tried to convey that He is the Messiah and He is the Good shepherd. In his preaching, we could see the connection between the Old Testament and New Testament.
According to DeWitte Holland, Jesus style of preaching was “I say unto you” rather than “Thus says the Lord”. It shows us that he has the sole power to inform the matter, which he wants to say his people. So, the authority and power is necessarily to the preacher. Jesus commanded his apostles that to preach the gospel where ever they go.
Jesus preached in a service that certainly was in liturgical situation. The reading from the prophets was part of the Jewish ritual. He expounded a text from Scripture, and he delivered a message to his hearers. He gave himself a prophetic interpretation, when he claimed that the prophecy was fulfilled by his own
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