Examples Of Prejudice And Racism

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Prejudice and Racism Amongst The Poor In our world and society, the poor have a difficult time living and managing to keep up with the costs increasing with inflation. But alongside with financial difficulties, the poor face problems in society too. People in society jump to conclusions by prejudging and giving racist remarks to people especially during the early 1900s. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn demonstrates a perfect example of prejudice and racism towards the poor in the 1900s, and shows how some can get out of it. Francie faces many obstacles to achieving the escapement of the poverty some which include hating and trying to forget the negative memories associated with that object, standing up and being proud for who they are, and most importantly by educating themselves out of it. The author; Betty Smith demonstrates the prejudice and racist remarks through a girl named Francie Nolan. Smith makes Francie, a child born in a poor family household, living with an handsome father who gets the occasional job as a singing waiter, a mother who works hard as a janitor in order to be able to live under a roof, and a younger brother who is loved by the mother more than Francie is. "As she was about to touch the soft beautifulness," (Smith, 129) is speaking about Francie touching the eraser for a blackboard, but the person holding onto the erasers, "snatched it away and spat full in Francie's face." (129). This action done by the little girl who was holding the eraser was a
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