Examples Of Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Prejudice in the world of To Kill a Mockingbird What happened to Jem’s arm, was it an accident, or was it by a more sinister way it happened. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, we are in the eyes of Scout, and Jem Finch. We are in town of Maycomb Alabama, and we are in the 1930’s there is prejudice in the town. The book follows the case of Tom Robinson, he was accused of raping a white girl, Mayella Ewell. He was innocent because the evidence was circumstantial, but he was found guilty because of his skin color. Throughout To Kill A Mockingbird, prejudice is shown is through black people and white people with different lives. The characters experience race, class, and reading and writing. One way the race prejudice is shown in the book is through the Tom Robinson trial. The court had no evidence against Tom Robinson. There is no doctor exam and his left arm is crippled. That only leaves with one person, Bob Ewell, the drunk man who lives at a dump. Bob, who is left handed, and is more likely to hurt Mayella. Tom, who can’t use of his left hand because of his crippleness. Atticus said “I say guilt gentlemen, because it was guilt that motivated her. She has committed no crime, but she merely broken a rigid and time-honored code of our society, a code so severe that whoever breaks it is hounded from our midst as unfit to live with.” (Lee 272). This shows that whoever does anything, like liking a black man, is bad and unfit to live with it. Like Dolphus, who has mixed kids and they think that he’s weird and they think that it’s bad. But it’s not, it’s just love that is why they have kids. In the class aspect of To Kill A Mockingbird, Jem and Scout live near the top or the let’s just say a pyramid. At the top Scout’s and Jem’s family, at the second one down, the Ewells and the Cunninghams, and at the bottom, the blacks.That means that at the top, the people who lives in a house and the second like the Ewells and the Cunninghams who live very poor and no future. While the black people who lives in shacks and can’t and won’t have a future. Scout says “Jem and Scout try to come up with a definition of Aunt Alexandra's mysterious term "background. Literacy isn't a bad approach—literacy means
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