Examples Of Privacy In 1984 By George Orwell

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Privacy invasion Privacy is commonly defined as the act of being free from any form of surveillance or refers to a state of being in isolation, or a private place free from all unauthorized, or unlawful disturbance from others. In today’s ever-advancing society, it seems that this definition will soon need to be revised. Orwell in 1984 had conceived a society where personal privacy and space is never permitted. Every person under the party’s control is to be observed 24 hours, even by their own family members and friends. Privacy is a necessity for all humans, we mistakenly give other people too much power, as we continue to accept all types of new technology along with our growing need for stronger security. We are soon to find ourselves in…show more content…
These people are willing to attempt the impossible and try to overthrow the system however they can. 1984 cases Winston one of the main characters, who despite of all the propaganda and surveillance that floods their society, still manages to get a hold of himself. As we follow in his life’s journey, we witness the few flashbacks he acquires in his dreams, that which give him the constant need to obtain a connection of the past, and according to him help unravel the truth of the present. As we continue through the book we discover a similar personality with another main character named Julia, one who isn’t as widely involved in the downfall of Big Brother, but much rather to personally rebel. She felt that having sex with as many men as she could, would help ruin the party’s “perfect” system. Both these characters catch each other’s eye, and eventually, begin to get in touch with each other. They end up appreciating and embracing what they both were doing to rebel against the party. Both individuals compromised and were determined to unite and devise new ways to rebel against the party. As the months passed of dedication to rebellion, they both soon started to look past their selfish actions and began to feel love and compassion for each other. Winston had acknowledged that he no longer was doing all of this for the sole purpose of overthrowing the party, but to hopefully one day live in a house where he would be able to grow old with Julia as well as never having to follow any orders of
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