Examples Of Promiscuity In Brave New World

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Introduction: During the writing of the novel, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, the author of the book, saw the way society was beginning to change. Throughout the story, he explores many different predictions that he has seen create an affect our world today. One of the main predictions he made was on the way promiscuity has changed the view of romantic relationships. As Huxley began to see people’s sexual behavior change he used his ideas to integrate in with how the world would turn out. Huxley incorporates promiscuity in his utopian society called the World State, to foreshadow how the world is conforming to the beliefs incorporated in the novel. Analysis Portion: Aldous Huxley foresees that promiscuity will become socially acceptable and engrained in culture due to the lack of romantic relationships. While at the savage reservation Linda talks to Lenina about how “Everybody belongs to everyone else”. This is one example as to how there is no emotional attachment between any two people. “Well, here, … Nobody’s supposed to belong to more than one person. And if you have people in the ordinary way, the others think you’re wicked and anti-social. They hate and despise you.” (81). In this quote Huxley talks about people being seen in the “ordinary way”. In his utopian society, being promiscuous is not seen as wrong. However, in the savage reservation you are despised and disliked if you engage in a relationship with multiple different people in a short amount of time.
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