Examples Of Psychosocial Assessment

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Recently, I completed a psychosocial assessment on a patient in the PHRM/ISS program. She was 21 years old, pregnant with her fifth child. When she initially walked in she seemed pleasant. Then, before we could get started she received a phone call. She politely asked could she step out and of course I said sure. Immediately, after she walked back in she seemed anxious and annoyed as evidence by her frowning and checking her phone every minute. Then, she would continue to say yes and not pay attention to the questions that I was asking. After a while, this began to bother me. This is because I would ask her a question and she would not answer or ask me to repeat myself. Then, she made a comment stating that “it does not matter and she was ready to go because she was upset.” At that moment, I knew that I needed to take an assertive stance. Assertive Stance I was unaware of what her phone call consisted of, and even why she was all of sudden upset; but I did notice her body language and her nonverbal. However, when she stated that she was upset and was ready to go; I had to acknowledge that. Therefore I stated, “Ms. Cooper (not her real name), I understand that you are upset right now, would you like to talk more about what is bothering you?” She continued to shake her head and say no. “Okay, well if you can answer these few…show more content…
Therefore, a confrontation with a co-worker could positively change your work relationship. If two people address their difference in a non-hostile way things could go smoothly. However, if two people are fussing back and forth nothing will be resolved. For example, if I had a co-worker come in my office every day and takes my stapler and does not ask then I could confront that co-worker. I could go in saying, “hey I don’t mind you using my stapler but if you let me know when you need it I won’t have to wonder where it is.” All this could be said in an assertive
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