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There many frameworks are used to analyse Chinese outbound traveller’s motivations. However, the framework of push and pull factors is widely employed and tested by researchers. Lu (2011) describes the push factors are representing an individual’s internal needs and the pull factors are the influencers from external process that affect a person making decision on destination. Push and pull factors are also applied in Xiang’s study in order to explain what motivates Chinese independent tourists to take a trip to a foreign country. Yet, Xing (2013) discourses the Chinese outbound tourist’s motivations in fours aspects.
Xiang (2013) describes the first aspect is that an exotic cultural image of destination is created in their mind through travelogues,
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The researchers view the decision making process in tourism in two ways. Firstly, the consumer identifies a need, search for information on the product regardless of the cost and the purchase channels, and then compere the alternative products and suppliers. Afterward, they make a choice of product to consume and finally make judgement based on the use experience of the product which maybe influence future buying decisions. Secondly, some other factors such as imagery, advertising, recommendation from other people and peer pressure have obviously influence on an individual’s decision. Furthermore, a personal decision-making process is affected by personal, behavioural and destination-specific qualities (Page & Connell, 2014). The personal factors are including self-confidence, personality, experience, lifestyle and life-stage. Social and personal interactions also affect an individual’s decision, when the individual is travelling with others or family members, the need of contact with service staff and host community are taken into consideration. The behavioural factor is reflecting that the behaviour patterns may instruct an individual’s preference in order to explore the new places and activities, or to search for holiday information pre-booking. Lastly, destination-specific

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