Examples Of Race And Racism

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“Where is Race and Racism?” Quite notably suitable for the first chapter analyzed by Dr. Merle A. Jacobs. As an intro to the book, Race In-Equity, Intersectionality, Social Determinants of Health and Equity, this question is subsequently brought up, however, no one knows it’s true origins. This course Health and Equity, directed by Dr. Merle A. Jacobs gives a clear direction on how it possibly came to be, and it is this: “racism is socially constructed”. It is a belief conjured up in today’s society and has been embedded throughout the origins of Canada. In this essay I seek to outline the underlining problems of Canada and how race is socially constructed. It will seek to break down the major minorities examined in this text, most notably the Indigenous People of Canada, Japanese Canadians and the “African” Americans. It aims to highlight that the problems stem from the social determinants of health: the physical environment, child development, and income and status. The essay will prove that “integration” and “segregation” are the same word in a Canadian “alienated” world. Whereby, people are taught to be “Canadians” by being separated by its norms and practices, it’s culture and henceforth, the people “different” will lose their cultural identity and will be forced into sharing the same beliefs as their white counterparts. This essay will provide aids on how, and whereby, policies and laws need to be rectified, in order to have a concrete solution and not a temporarily relief for problems manifesting in today’s society. Canada is well-known to be rich in resources yet fails to equally distribute them. In Canada it is well known to have one of the biggest bodies of fresh-clean drinking water and fertile land, rich in oil and gas, copper, and nickel, but why is it that so few have so little? According to the “Globe and Mail’s research; “[…] [they] found that one-third of First Nations had systems that were at medium or high risk of producing unsafe water, according to INAC’s assessment criteria.” (Feb 21, 2017)” (Jacobs & Ouedraogo, 2017, p. 39). Aboriginals or the Indigenous people of Canada are one of the few minorities that were a testament to the unruly predecessor of Canadian Culture. Dating back to

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