Examples Of Racism And Ethnocentrism In The Movie Crash

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Racism, and ethnocentrism can be a significant factor in determining if an individual can maintain a healthy interpersonal relationship. Both racism and ethnocentrism can be barriers that affect competent cross- cultural communication. Crash (Schulman & Haggis, 2004) is a film that has characters of very different natures. The characters may be involved in conflicts due to the differences in genders, cultures and races. As these strangers in the film crash into each other, you may notice that racism and ethnocentrism can really affect the way the characters are able to build a strong and healthy interpersonal relationship. In Crash (Schulman & Haggis, 2004) the character Officer Ryan is constantly in conflict with others due to racism and ethnocentrism. He has been an officer and with the force for 17 years. However, he seems to be extremely racist when he encounters African Americans. Officer Ryan is a typical looking American male, the movie portrayed him to be “tall, dark and handsome.” However, he is also out-spoken and seemingly arrogant. Ryan seems to have that “better than the rest” attitude, it is evident through the way he portrays himself in the movie. If he overcomes these barriers he would be able to establish some positive relationships. Officer Ryan also seems to have accumulated anger and false assumption about those around him. For example, when he pulled over Director Cam and his wife Christine, he was angry with their racial difference and made false
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