Examples Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Imagine what it would be like to be black in the time of change in the United States. People are always thinking that you came to steal their jobs just because you need to make a living in order to live. Harper Lee used historical references to write her book. The Great Depression was a time of great change for Americans. People were moving places and finding jobs in order to live and make it through the time period. Times were hard for blacks because the whites were totally unwilling to let them join society. Riots, mobs and conflicts were happening all over because people could not help but get the fact that other people needed jobs besides themselves. They just could not take the change that was happening and that is when racism…show more content…
The Jim Crow laws are not the only real-life connection; mob mentality is also present. Harper Lee also shows the real-life issue of mob mentality. Mob Mentality is a term that describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. A mob happens when a group of people gather and protest something that they do not like. Mobs can be very violent and dangerous. The famous lynching in Indiana, there were two black teens who were hung and one’s life was spared. Abram Smith and Thomas Shipp were hung for murder and rape. The people drug them out of their cells and stabbed them with crowbars(NPR broadcast). In India there was a mob of over 500 people trying to kill a known rapist. Mobs can be very destructive to property and people. A famous singer named Billie Holiday wrote a song called Strange Fruit. She wrote the song to help people realize that the Famous Indiana lynching was something bad that happened unreasonably. She became famous for that song. The lynching of the two black teens was held in the northern states which is really surprising. The lynching happened in Indiana. The northern states were against cruelty against blacks. That is why the lynching is so famous because it happened the northern states instead of the southern states. At that lynching people were posing and smiling in the picture(Beitler). People thought lynchings were a form of cheap entertainment. That is very cruel to use torturing people as entertainment. People were
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