Examples Of Rationale In 1984

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Rationale “1984” represents a dystopian novel as well as George Orwell's attempt to warn people about the submissive society in which they could turn into by letting authorities take control over them. Considering the literary value of this text, it is worthy to analyze it profoundly focusing on the controversial topic of social relationships; particularly in love manifestation as it was strictly forbidden in the hypothetical world of the author. Writing a letter based on this book approaching to its fifth chapter from the second part aims to emphasize the drastic changes that the protagonist, Winston Smith, suffered throughout the development of the story because of Julia, his love. He demonstrated the natural conduct of humans which consists…show more content…
Even though I accepted to move on as you did, it has resulted complicated for me to hide what is prohibited and I try to deny these thoughts to myself but it is not possible or at least not now. You made me weak, you made me sensible, you made me become a better person in a place where sentiments are supposed not to exist, where coldness must conquer our hearts. The truth is that I would like this sentiment to disappear as I am confident of the hatred you feel for the worst decision I have ever made: betraying you and our promise of eternal love on the punishment day. However, I need you to know I had an arduous struggle between my values, my fears, my hopes and the most profound desires of my being. Besides, I would have preferred to defeat all those deterrents which pulled me apart from you but my cowardliness beat me turning the enamoured man into a confederate of corruption, a nationalistic…show more content…
Although there are several of them which remain in my mind, therefore, I still remember the day we met and I wrongfully judged you as the enemy. On the contrary, you demonstrated to be an insurgent; what is more, a hopeful person who never stopped believing in the collapse of the Party. I know it is my fault what occurred before considering I persuaded you to trust O'Brien and all his lies. I wish I had not convinced myself to be sincere to that deceiver but unfortunately I did it signing our misfortune. Nevertheless, I beg you to forgive me for my inappropriate behaviour, you did not deserve to be part of those atrocities and I am entirely aware of the damage I caused to your
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