Examples Of Rationalism In Frankenstein

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Rationalism and Irrationalism
1. Rationalism-- Frankenstein as Science Fiction
The 17th and 18th century witnessed the rapid development in science and technology, raising the problems between man and nature, and the conflicts between reason and emotions. Frankenstein was the reflection of these features.
Authorities generally hold the view that Frankenstein is the first science fiction in modern sense. It talked about how science influences the human society and dealt with the conflicts between man and its creation.
Besides Shelley’s rationalism in its theme, there is another element, such as the scientific background, providing for the soil of rationalism.

2. Irrationalism-- Frankenstein as Gothic Fiction
Gothicsim, also known as black romanticism, is a literary genre that emerged as a reaction to the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and neo-classicalism and is a revival to irrationalism. These novels
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Lacan believes that the meaning of human life and speech is intrinsically predictable and that human life is truly meaningful only if it is linked to the future, and death is such an essential and apocalyptic future. When human beings give in to death, they give up their own humanity and animality at the same time. Therefore, the existence of mankind is bound by life and death, and the meaning of life and the essence of mankind are, to some extent, endowed by death. Therefore, mankind can own both life and death, while the Frankenstein's monster is a collection of life and death, so it is also caught in the paradox of life and death.
Monster has life and his Creator Victor gives it life by synthesizing and electrifying the dead body. Strong and flexible, he is a powerful metaphor for powerful men in the eyes of narrator Walton. At the same time, he also becomes a strong opponent because he could kill Victor's loved ones
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