Examples Of Realism In Reality Show

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Television is regarded as one of the greatest inventions in the twentieth century. It is a special social and cultural phenomenon of using TV as the medium to interact and exchange information between an individual to the world. TV is the superior modern mass media. It helps to break down certain social barriers by educating the populace. Some people think it is even better than newspaper, magazines and radios because it appears in both sound and vision. People can instantly see real live scenarios and real pictures with wide and comprehensive choices of TV shows. In recent decades, there are more censorship of TV shows because of inappropriate, exaggerated and false information and contents. People start to pay attention to the issue of realism in TV shows. Realism is the representation by the media of situations or ideas in such a way that they seem real. This representation of the world can appear so natural that we easily see them as real. However, realism never supplies a full account of the process of mediation taking place between the media and audience so they can easily overlook the process that has occurred in presenting these images. Information nowadays is exploding on TV shows. There are countless…show more content…
The audiences become voyeur and enjoy watching other people’s private behaviour and suffering. Few years ago, Bride Wannabe was a hit topic on table in Hong Kong. The show dug into the private relationship life of “chung lui” and the audience could see the inner emotion of the women. Scholar criticized that the show did not help people better understand the reason of being single. The show was a mockery. Reality shows are misnomer. Realism is twisted and constructed. It is lavatorial and has negative influence to the society. There are still good reality shows such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, yet it is uncommon to see. Therefore, reality shows are inaccurate and not a reflection of reality to a larger
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