Examples Of Relativism In Hoodwinked And 12 Angry Men

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The Philosophy of Relativism in Hoodwinked!1 and 12 Angry Men.

The aim of this essay is to identify the elements of the philosophy of relativisme in the two films Hoodwinked! and 12 Angry Men. I will use the notion of philosopher Kuhn to try and argue that, we most often fail to see the truth at first because our minds and consiousnees are coloured by past experience. "Let's just say that if a tree falls in the forest you'll get three stories: yours, mine, and the tree's."—Inspector Nicky Flippers, Hoodwinked! With these words the investigation for the truth, in the film Hoodwicked!, ends. This quote demonstrates the essens of the philosophical idea of relativism, that the truth value of a statement can be relative, not nessesarily
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(2005, written and directed by Cory Edwards, Todd Edwards, and Tony Leech) is an American All-CGI Cartoon film. The movie is a multi-perspective , starting in medias res it revisions the classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood but with a twist to the original storyline. The story begins with telling the ending of the original story, where the wolf is laying in the grandmother's bed waiting for Little Red Ridinghood and later the Woodcutter comes in to rescue Little Red Ridinghood from being eaten by the Wolf, but then the police shows up, adding the twist to the story. An unknown Goodie Bandit is stealing recipes from all the goody shops forcing everyone out business, and now the four main characters are all under suspecion of being the…show more content…
The story begins at the end of a murder trail, that takes place in a New York City courthouse. A 18-year-old hispanic boy from the slums is on trial for allegedly having stabed his father to death. It is up to the jury consisting of twelve men, to decide whether the boy is guilty or not. The evidence against him rest on a denouncing mix of circumstantial evidence and eyewitness testimony. The facts seem clear to the jury members, all except for one juror, who believes that there's a reasonable doubt. He cannot explain why he thinks so, but sticks to his beliefs and encourage the rest of the jury to properly discuss the case. As the men engage in a debate, the pressure and heat in the room intensifyes resulting in various facets of their each mens character to emerge and hidden prejudices start to show

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