Examples Of Reputation In The Crucible

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Keeping a Reputation in Salem When enduring the pressure of harsh trial and suffering, one can make or break their reputation. Lying so closely ties to reputation in the drama The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, that distinguishing between the two is almost impossible. However, there are different types of reputation lies being told in the play; such as, Abigail lying to hurt others and boost her reputation, or Mary Warren risking her reputation by telling the truth in order to save John and Elizabeth until she realizes the truth is only putting her life at risk. The fear of a negative reputation pushes people into dangerous situations where lying is the only safe option. Abigail Williams is a young woman that has her heart set on spending her life with a …show more content…

Unlike Abigail, Mary tells the truth in court and only wants the safety of those around her, even though she would prefer to stay away from the court and Abigail all together. Mary warren is not a courageous girl, and only went to defend John and Elizabeth after John forced her to, but she stayed reliable until Abigail inevitably attacked her making accusations that don’t hold water. Abigail begins to break Mary when she roars “ Why-? She gulps. Why do you come, yellow bird?”- “Oh, Mary, this is a black art to change your shape. No, I cannot, I cannot stop my mouth; it's God's work I do.”- “Oh please, Mary! Don't come down. Mary please don't hurt me!(106)”. When Mary understands that she won’t be able to save herself while telling the truth she saves her reputation and her life by yelling “No, I love God; I go your way no more. I love God, I bless god. Abby, Abby, I’ll never hurt you no more!(110)”. Mary admitting to the crime she did not commit got John killed, but saved her

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