Examples Of Retroactive Interference Syndrome By Herman Ebbinghaus

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After years of fighting with my own conscience, and countless sleepless nights I finally decided to tell a therapist my story. I had never told anyone this story not because I was ashamed or even afraid of telling it but I had honestly forgotten about Sarah. Why or even how I had managed to forget such a woman would be gradually dragged out and dissected by my therapist and local pharmacist. You see I was diagnosed with retroactive interference syndrome better known as RI. A condition that German psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus researched and debated in 1895. Ebbinghaus argued that RI occurs as a function of time. This is when new information affects our ability to recall previously stored memories simply because they are alike. Now Sarah was not like anyone I had met before or will ever meet in my life. That brand of women was few and seldom cherished. The fact that I had forgotten her somehow proves my point.…show more content…
Frank’s bakery on 5900 Apothecary Street in Midtown St. Albert. The street was empty and the wind frolicked up and down the streetlamp as it played ‘tag you are it’ with the trees and its fallen leaves. I was waiting for my sister Kate who suffers from chronic lateness and a disabling nasty temper. It was a Friday not that the day was of any importance, nevertheless I was anxious to get out of my school uniform and into a hot soothing lavender oil bubble bath. The wind twisted around my ankles and my mind conjured the sweet scent of lavender fields. Rows and rows of miniature lavender flowers as far as the eyes can see gamboled with the gentle summer breeze. I was adrift with my fantasy when I was pulled back into St
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