Examples Of Richard Nixon Inaugural Speech

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World Unity Creates a World of Peace Every president has a specific vision on how to influence America with their policies. Being the only president to resign from the presidency makes one wonder “what did Nixon want to accomplish as president.” During, every president’s first term, they have to figure out how to navigate the office. The inaugural speech, usually, gives the American people an idea of what the president plans to do, for America. As president, Nixon accomplished many things and strived to fulfil the promises in his inaugural speech. “The greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker” a quote from Richard Nixon’s inaugural address. Peace and unity were the main points of the speech. Nixon focused on creating international peace, with all nations, as well as peace within America. Nixon felt that unity was the only way for people to live on Earth. Not only was peace a huge factor in Nixon’s speech, benefits for American citizens was important to him, as well. Although, Nixon never stated how he planned to accomplish things, he did clearly state that he wanted to improve healthcare, education and attain better housing. Overall, this speech was a beacon of hope for the American people to look forward to. Nixon was one of the few presidents who have had a second term. Therefore, Nixon had more than one inaugural speech. Nixon’s second speech was very similar to the first speech. Instead, of focusing on how to be at peace, Nixon assured, the country, that everything was serene and we needed to maintain it. “A person can be expected to act responsibly only if he has responsibility”, a quote from Nixon’s second speech. Almost, an ironic statement when Nixon, initially, avoid responsibility for his crimes. With that being said, Nixon informed Americans that they should be more responsible for themselves and depend less on the government. More personal responsibility would better America, in Nixon’s eyes. Similarly, to the first speech, Nixon does not state any plans, but this speech was less inspiring. Unlike, the first speech, this second speech seemed to be a call to action for the American people. Obviously, the first and the thirty-seventh president had very different priorities
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