Examples Of Romanticism: An Age Shaped By The Imagination Of The Individual

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Romanticism: An Age Shaped by the Imagination of the Individual Romantic poetry was a response to a need for an individual voice; separate from one’s government, William Wordsworth’s “Preface” to Lyrical Ballads established what it meant to be a Romantic poet or writer during that period and “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty” is Percy Bysshe Shelley’s attempt to incorporate Romanticism ideals into his own style of poetry. In the new culture of Romanticism, imagination became the subject of many poets’ work. Imagination was argued over for its basis in reality “and the common basis of our experience in a world of concrete, measureable physical realities” (Damrosch and Dettmar 4). Romantic poets like Wordsworth and Shelley were able to demonstrate their understandings of imagination in their own way. Each understanding reflected the lens in which he viewed the world. Wordsworth’s poetry generally reflected themes that were optimistic, hopeful and bound in nature. While Shelley’s work centered around the human mind and tackled issues of the everyday man. The Romanticism period was motivated by a break from monarchies across Europe and the search for individual, “democratic and egalitarian ideals, a new era, shaped by ‘the rights of man’ rather than the entailments of wealth and privilege” (Damrosch and…show more content…
The first being, Shelley is describing his growth as an individual spiritually. The spirit follows Shelley throughout different phases of his life, influencing his joy when the entity is present or not. The spirit is essential to Shelley’s development as an individual. He cannot move on to the next phase successfully without its
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